How to apply

The application processĀ involves several forms that need to be filled in. It also involves signed approval from your parents and a signed reference letter from either your school principal or class teacher. You will also need to send us your latest two school reports and obtain a medical and dental health certificate from your GP and dentist. Once you have been visited by our local YFU representative and made it through the selection interview, your parents will receive the program fee agreement which they need to sign and send back to us. At this stage, you will probably already have started the process of applying for a student visa for your exchange country. Several documents are necessary for the visa application, of which you will be informed by YFU.

Step by step application:
  1. Contact us via our outbound contact form and request your online application login details.
  2. Fill in the online application form, get your parents’ signed approval and the other required documents and submit your application.
  3. The YFU office and / or your closest regional representative will then contact you to set up a visit and selection interview.
  4. If you are positively selected, you will be given the second part of your application form (Bundle 2).
  5. Apply for your passport and all the documents required for your visa application.
  6. Once all the forms and documents are completed, YFU will courier them to the YFU office in your country of choice. A hostfamily will be recruited for you and you will be enrolled in a high school.
  7. When a family and school have been found for you, you will apply for your student visa.
  8. Your visa is issued, and now you are waiting for the big day of departing on the adventure of a lifetime!