You can participate in a YFU exchange program if you:

  • Are attending a South African high school
  • Are between 15 and 18 years old
  • Are achieving an aggregate C (60 %) at school with good language abilities
  • Are independent enough to live abroad for 6 months or a year
  • Are willing to reach out to people of a different background than your own
  • Have your parents’ and school’s support and approval to apply
  • Are eager to learn about a new culture and to share your own culture
  • Are willing to stay involved in YFU after your exchange


Language Requirements

In most countries there is not a requirement to have studied the language before you go on exchange. Introductory language camps or sessions are conducted during arrival orientations. However, an intensive language course before you go will be of enormous benefit in assisting you to quickly adapt to your new life with your host family and at school.