Who can be a host family?

YFU South Africa welcomes all family types and constellations: couples with teenagers, couples with primary school children, single parents with or without children at home, couples with grown up families, or with no children. What matters to us is that you open you home and hearts to your exchange student and provide them with a loving and caring home, support and guidance in their journey through a new culture and language, and the opportunity to experience everyday life in South Africa.

How long will the exchange students stay with our family?

YFU Exchange students typically stay in South Africa for a the period of one year. However, some of them also come on a 6-month or a 6-week program. It is also possible to register as an “emergency family” and to host an exchange learner for a short transition period, e.g. in between changing host families or after his/her arrival in South Africa if a permanent host family has not yet been found.

Where will your YFU learner attend school?

Your YFU exchange student will usually attend a high school in your local area, preferrably the school your own children attend (if applicable). All YFU learners are required to attend school full time, to complete their schoolwork and to write all their tests and exams. A YFU local coordinator will arrange the initial enrolment but may seek your assistance in selecting a school and in finalising the student’s enrolment before and after the student arrives.

What are the YFU exchange student’s personal and financial responsibilities?

YFU exchanges are not only about travel, fun or formal study in another country, they are also about learning to integrate and adapt to a South African family.  That means sharing the pleasures, interests, chores and responsibilities of all family members. YFU students will have their own spending money, provided by either their natural parents or their national YFU organization. They will use these funds to purchase personal items and meet any on-going school expenses, as well as any phone or internet costs.

How will YFU support us?

YFU will provide you with a host family orientation and a host family handbook. There will also be a trained local YFU contact person or family to support you and your exchange student during the exchange period. In addition our YFU staff members are available 24 hours a day in case of emergencies.