If your family would like to become a host family, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • The student must have his own bed to sleep in. His/her room can, however, be shared with a host sibling.
  • The student must be provided with a place to study and three meals per day.
  • Both the student and the host family will be required to attend YFU events, such as orientations, which are an integral part of our exchange programs.
  • The host family must ensure that the student adheres to YFU rules  and regulations.
  • The most important task of a host family is, however, to make their exchange student a part of their family and to support him/her on his/her journey through a new and unknown culture.

Host families are NOT expected to pay school fees (these are covered by YFU) or to pay for any of their exchange student’s personal expenses, such as school uniform, study materials, transport to and from school, clothes, after-school activities, school trips, airtime etc. All our exchange students either receive pocket money from their natural parents or a stipend from their national YFU organization.