The Board

JayJaymion Hendricks


Jaymion Hendricks, an admitted attorney, was an exchange student to Germany in 2004 and thereafter became a volunteer upon his return. He has served on the Board of YFU SA and later became the vice chairman until he took over the chairmanship in 2015. Jaymion is passionate about young South Africans reaching their full potential and building a better South Africa, Africa and world. He firmly believes in the values YFU SA promotes, namely: mutual respect, intercultural understanding, diversity and social responsibility.


Hans Website PhotoDr. Hans Strijdom

Vice chairman

Hans Strijdom is a Professor of Medical Physiology at Stellenbosch University, and lives in Cape Town. He has been a volunteer for YFU since 1995 when YFU SA was founded, and has since hosted 6 exchange students from abroad. He has been a Board member since 1998, and is currently serving a second term on YFU’s International Advisory Council. Hans is passionate about YFU and its mission, and hopes to serve the organisation for many more years to come.



Magda Buitendach

Board member

Magda and husband Thys have been host parents since 2008 and Magda started volunteering for YFU in 2009 after their first student went back home.  All of Magda´s family members are YFU volunteers and are actively involved in orientations, finding host families, being contact persons and whatever their hands find to do. They haven’t stopped hosting though and since became parents of not only their own daughters but also 2 exchange student daughters and 4 exchange student sons.



Picture1Ngoako Mashitisho

Board member

Ngoako has been an exchange student to Sweden in 2007 and that is only the smallest part of his experience with YFU. He has since his return participated, volunteered and endeavoured in almost all parts within YFU South Africa. Above that he has also done an internship with YFU Denmark and YFU Sweden. These are all experiences he has cherished in his journey with YFU South Africa. He has been on the board since 2010 and he looks to be active more the most part of his “life-long membership”.


aboutmeVeronica Taschl

Board member





Susanne Henne

Non-executive board member

Susanne, originally from Germany, went on exchange to the United States. Her and her husband Sebastian recently relocated to Dubai where Susanne works for the Swedish Trade Council. However, she continues to be an active YFU volunteer, as well as a YFU board member, and visits South Africa as often as she can.