¡Bienvenido a Paraguay! Paraguay is a colorful nation perfect for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors and who wants to learn more about history. Study or volunteer in Paraguay to experience everything this beautiful country has to offer! 

More about Paraguay

Welcome to the heart of South America! The name Paraguay is derived from an ancient word in Guarani, which translates to “many rivers” – Paraguay has been named one of the world’s most up and coming countries to visit due to its plentiful waterfalls and welcoming culture.

While on program in Paraguay, you will live with a carefully selected host family who will help you improve your Spanish skills and maybe even introduce you to their indigenous language of Guarani. Your host family will also show you other Paraguay customs including their incredible food! Chipa, a bagel-like bread with cheese, is an all time favorite of the locals.

The most popular sport in Paraguay is futbol (soccer). However, rugby, volleyball, tennis, and basketball are also popular among Paraguayans. Spend time outdoors with the many hiking and camping trails and you may see the world’s largest rodent, the Capybara, which looks like a giant guinea pig! If you’re more interested in arts and crafts, the people of Paraguay would be happy to teach you embroidery and lace design.

Living in the land of “many rivers” will certainly be an experience you won’t want to forget. What are you waiting for?

Programmes to Paraguay

We offer both year and semester programmes to Paraguay, with departure in either January or August, as well a volunteer programme and a study/volunteer combination programme.

Contact us for more information, departure dates and programme fees!

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