Durbanville Children’s Home

Our International Volunteer Programme

The volunteer programme offered by YFU South Africa is an opportunity for young people from any of our partner countries, aged 18 or older, to participate in an outreach and upliftment programme within the guidelines of YFU.

Our Volunteer Programme is open to high school graduates, university students and young professionals who want to expand their horizon, discover a new country and culture, and gain practical experience in the fields of childcare, social work, counselling and community upliftment.

Programme Details

The programme is offered for a duration of 3 months or 6 months, but longer programmes can be arranged on an individual basis. The programme includes accommodation, meals, insurance, international travel, airport transfers, several orientations, as well as YFU support throughout the programme.

Volunteers are placed in the Durbanville Children’s Home, located on the outskirts of Cape Town, where they assist with a variety of tasks. Of course they also have the opportunity to explore South Africa’s diverse culture and beautiful nature, and are invited to participate in local YFU activities and gatherings.

The Durbanville Children’s Home cares for for close to 150 children between the ages of 2 and 18 years. While most of the day-to-day caretaking duties are performed by professional staff, both local and international volunteers play a vital role in assisting with a variety of tasks at the home and providing love and care to the children.

Life as a Volunteer

Volunteers live in separate dormitory-style accommodation on the grounds of Durbanville Children’s Home, which is a gated complex in safe surroundings. Volunteers share a living space, which includes a kitchen and bathroom, with their fellow volunteers.

Volunteers receive three meals per day, as well as additional basic groceries and supplies which can be ordered on a weekly basis. Volunteers have their own kitchen at their disposal where they can prepare their own snacks and meals. Weekly laundry services are provided by the children’s home.

Volunteers usually assist with the following tasks:

  • Looking after the children during the day
  • Assisting with homework and school projects
  • Driving children to school and back (provided the volunteer has a driver’s license)
  • Supervising the children during night shift
  • Assisting with office work, events and fundraising activities
  • Organizing outings, activities and events for the children.

Volunteers with special qualifications or skills looking to obtain work experience can also assist with additional tasks and projects or complete an internship programme for their studies or professional training course in the following areas:

  • Marketing and fundraising
  • Social work, counselling, psychological support and therapy
  • Catering and kitchen work
  • Teaching and education at pre-school and primary school level
  • Occupational therapy

Discover South Africa and its Culture!

Being a volunteer in South Africa is not just about work – it also gives you the opportunity to discover the country’s diverse culture and nature and to experience the hospitality and warm-heartedness of its people!

In addition to participating in a variety of events and activities at the children’s home itself, volunteers are invited to partake in other activities in the Durbanville community. The children’s home works closely with the local church, and volunteers often join the church’s youth group for social events, outreach activities and informal get-togethers.

Although the children’s home is located on the outskirts of Cape Town, the beach, the city, Table Mountain, the Cape Peninsula, and many local wine farms and other attractions are just a short drive away and can be explored on day or weekend trips. Many volunteers decide to hire and share a car, but (limited) public transport options are available as well.

During their holidays or after completion of their programme, volunteers can also explore other parts of South Africa, such as the Garden Route, the Wild Coast, the Drakensberg Mountains, or Kruger National Park.

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