FAQ & Support

To make sure the exchange is successful for both your family and the student, YFU provides you with a team of dedicated volunteers and staff. Right from the start, we will be there to answer all your questions and assist in the selection of your student.

Throughout the exchange, your volunteer will regularly check in to make sure things are going well and support you should challenges occur.

All volunteers are trained to help you and your student successfully navigate cross-cultural adjustments and challenges. In addition to your family contact person, each student has his/her own YFU contact person who will be in touch with the student on a regular basis.

We conduct several orientations with our exchange students before, during and after their stay in South Africa to prepare them for their exchange year and to reflect on their experiences.

We also conduct a host family orientation before the exchange students arrive to prepare you for this new and exciting experience, as well as for the challenges you might face.

Our YFU volunteers, as well as our regional director, are always there to assist you with any doubts, questions or problems so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

Host Family questions answered!

How many students does YFU send every year, how long do they stay for…?

Who are our YFU exchange students?

Who goes on exchange with YFU? Why do our students choose YFU?

Will my YFU exchange student attend school?

Will my YFU exchange student attend school? The answer is: Yes!