Host Families

Bring the world into your home by hosting an international YFU exchange student!

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The A-Z of being a host family for a YFU exchange student

The aim of the YFU hosting programme is to achieve full integration of the student into your family – not to become a guest in your home, but a family member as your own son, daughter, brother or sister. Your family can volunteer to host a student for the full year, or offer your assistance as a temporary family.

A YFU host family provides their exchange son or daughter with a nurturing environment in which they can experience life in South Africa. They give love, support and encouragement as the exchange student confronts, considers and adapts to cultural differences by including them into their normal daily life.

YFU South Africa receives students from Europe, North America, South America and Australia. They are carefully selected and thoroughly prepared for their exchange experience in our country.

Hundreds of South African families have hosted YFU exchange students since 1994, why don’t you too?

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Host Family Stories and Experiences

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