Host a YFU Student

There are many reasons for becoming a host family and many benefits to be gained from hosting a YFU exchange student:

  • Learn about another culture without leaving home
  • Get a deep and personal insight into another culture
  • Develop lifelong friendships with another family overseas
  • Experience an exchange before sending your son or daughter on exchange
  • Help your family to see different ways of living and thinking
  • Help your children better understand our increasingly globalized, interdependent world
  • Give a young person the opportunity to experience our rich and diverse South African culture
  • Become an cultural embassador for South Africa
  • Learn how to overcome cultural differences and challenges
  • Get a deeper understanding of your own culture, family, beliefs and behaviours
  • Help your family members to develop intercultural skills, tolerance and mutual respect
  • And finally, you will gain a new friend and family member for life.

To learn more about our host family programme, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, or contact us via email or WhatsApp!

A YFU host mother shares her most memorable experiences with her student
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