High School Exchange

Going on exchange provides you with a unique opportunity to travel and study overseas with the support of a worldwide network of YFU Student Exchange organisations, a volunteer host family, a school and its community and local support people. You can be assured that all YFU Student Exchange organisations operate to the highest professional standards for the safety, security and well being of students and families.

To see the latest programmes, countries and application criteria, please download our YFU Programme Info Pack here:

Programmes and duration

Deciding on how long you want to go abroad is crucial. YFU’s philosophy is that an exchange student only manages to fully integrate and immerse into a new culture over a period of 1 year. Therefore, we regard the 1-year high school exchange as our Golden Standard programme. However, there are also programmes of shorter duration, namely semester programmes (6 months) and short exchanges that typically last 6-8 weeks. Please refer to our programme catalogue or contact us via WhatsApp or email for more information!

Besides the usual high school programme, there are programmes with specialization in sports, visual arts, film/movies, fashion, tourism, nature, catering, archaeology, music, drama and dance.

YFU’s exchange programmes generally start at two different times per year, namely late December or January, and July/August of each year. Some YFU countries only offer programmes that start in July/August, so it is important that you make sure about this before making a final decision.

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Contact us for more information!

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