Bonjour! Known for food, art, dance, music, literature, and much more, France is a country that is easy to fall in love with. You will experience the joy of living, or “joie de vivre”, while gazing upon the Eiffel tower or relaxing on the beaches in the south.

“I had a wonderful experience during my exchange to France through YFU. My host family and I still talk and visit each other. My exchange allowed me to meet new people and made my host family feel like my own family. The culture and traditions of France feel like my own. Because of my wonderful exchanges with YFU, I decided to go on an exchange back to France in university!”

Amber, exchange student to France

More about France

In France you will become familiar with the social life of a French teenager as you attend French secondary education, which consists of the Collège and the Lycée (roughly the equivalent of Junior High and High School) that are among some of the best in Europe. French schools tend to last longer than many students are used to – generally until 5:00 or 6:00pm. While this makes for a long school day, students make the most of their free time on the weekends.

Enjoy some of the daily French activities like discovering traditional crafts, visiting a local farm, or attending a concert. In addition to these simple pleasures, you may also have the opportunity to visit local monuments, chateaux, festivals, outdoor adventures, or museums like the Louvre. World renowned for their delectable cuisine, France will offer you delectable creamy dishes and savory cheeses.

Programmes to France

We offer both year and semester programmes to France, with departure in either January or August, as well as trimester programmes with various departure dates throughout the year.

Contact us for more information, departure dates and programme fees!

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