Once you see the breathtaking beauty of the Alps, lakes, and castles of Switzerland, you’ll realize why Swiss culture revolves around nature and the outdoors. Have a YFU exchange experience in one of the most ecologically aware countries in the world! 

“As an exchange student in Switzerland I could say that at the beginning the way of life for me was completely different but after some time getting settled in, you get used to the Swiss way. The first months you probably won’t miss too much from home because you are so busy getting to know new people, places and a different culture.”

Samantha, exchange student to Switzerland

More about Switzerland

Guten tag, bonjour, ciao! Switzerland is a land of many languages, so take your pick on how you’d like to say hello! The Swiss outdoors – with its breathtaking Alps, wildflowers, and crystal-blue lakes – seem to be straight out of a storybook. Hike along the country’s snow-peaked mountains in the summer and hear the sound of cowbells lining its quaint walking paths. Remember tales of Heidi and ancient, enchanted castles? You’ll find their settings intact in this beautiful country.

Most Swiss speak French or German, but Italian and Romansh are also national languages. Despite the various languages spoken, there is one language that all Swiss have in common: nature.

Connecting with nature is as much a part of the Swiss culture as is enjoying music, museums, and theaters. Hiking, jogging, soccer, skiing, mountaineering, ice hockey, and cycling are also common activities. The Swiss are generally so fit that even grandmothers are often seen hiking mountain paths!

Your Swiss host family will warmly welcome you. That being said, you should understand and respect the high value the Swiss attach to family privacy. The Swiss also treasure cleanliness, harmony, and consensus. Being part of a Swiss family will give you the privilege of becoming part of a small, intimate group. As part of the family you can expect to share time with each other at lunch, which is often the larger, more important meal in Swiss households. You may also try some of the foods the Swiss are known for, such as delicious cheeses and chocolates!

If you would like to see a country that combines both a rich history with nature, then Switzerland is surely the place for you!

Programmes to Switzerland

We offer a year programme with departure in August each year, with the option of an additional language course.

Contact us for more information and programme fees!

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