Belgium – Flanders

Helaba! In the Flanders region of the Kingdom of Belgium, you’ll find yourself speaking Dutch. Embark on a cultural adventure and see the lush wooded landscapes, glistening rivers, and beautiful valleys of your new home!

More about Belgium (Flanders)

The time you spend with your host family will surely have a deep impact on your stay in Belgium. Your Belgian host family will welcome you with hospitality as you explore their country’s diverse traditions, beautiful arts, and neoclassical architecture. Many of the Belgian people consider their homes to be a very private retreat, thus welcoming you to join them represents a great honor.

With a 98% literacy rate, Belgium offers you top quality schooling to attend. Just as they are proud of their cultural and educational achievements, Belgians equally appreciate their delicious cuisine, which consists of various foods such as beef, cheese, fruit, vegetables, soup, and seafood.

After satisfying your stomach with a tasty meal, you may find yourself in the mood to ride a bicycle or play soccer, two of Belgium’s most popular sports! If you are looking for more relaxing activities to participate in, you may find yourself taking a trip to the movies or going to a museum or local theater.

Programmes to Flanders

YFU Belgium is represented by two offices, one for the French-speaking part of the country and the other for the Dutch-speaking.

YFU Belgium-Flanders is the Dutch-speaking program, and it offers a summer program, traditional trimester, semester, and year-long high school academic programs.

In addition, there are several unique specialization programs in Art, Dance, Fashion, Music, Performing Arts, Sports, and Tourism. For each of those programs, students will attend a traditional high school and take courses in their chosen specialization.

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