¡Hola! Whether you want to hike the Andes, kick back on the beaches, or even explore thriving cities, Chile is a country with something exciting for you! Chileans say that their country is the “fin del mundo” – so if you’ve ever wanted to journey to the “end of the Earth”, Chile is the place for you!

“I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile. I lived with my host parents and two teenage host sisters, and I attended a private Catholic school. The transition to a different family and schooling environment was challenging, but I overcame those obstacles. Overall, I had a wonderful time exploring the country, making new friends, and discovering a second family. I can definitely say that my exchange experience was unforgettable and valuable, and I cannot wait to return to Chile!”

Michelle, exchange student to Chile

More about Chile

The Aymara and Mapuche people have lived in Chile for 12,000 years, and together with the European influences of Spanish, German, and Italian culture, they combine to create a unique blend of old and new within Chile. Chileans are exceptionally hospital, and family life is treasured: parents, siblings, and extended family often live, eat, and enjoy social events together. Influenced by its location and extreme geography, the people of Chile are strong, proud, extremely innovative, and caring.

After a challenging day at school, Chile will provide you with no shortage of exciting activities to do with your new friends! You might experience Santiago A Mil, an arts and theatre festival in the capital full of cultural and artistic activities, or play the nation’s most popular sport, fútbol (soccer). If you are lucky, your host family may treat you to a trip to the beautiful countryside or the beach!

Programmes to Chile

We offer a both year and semester programmes to Chile, starting in either January or August. Chile also offers a 1-year university programme for high school graduates.

Contact us for more information, departure dates and programme fees!

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